Join us for the 1st Ever
Western States Joint Conference
in Las Vegas, Nevada!

April 30th-May 4th, 2018


Western States Joint Conference

Join us for the first ever Western States Joint Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada! April 30-May 4th, 2018.

If you are not currently a member please go to the membership page and complete a membership application prior to registering for the conference.  Your conference registration will not be complete until it is confirmed that you are a member.

Membership Page

Registration Instructions

Western States Joint Conference Registration

Westgate Hotel Reservations


2018 Conference: Registration Options

This year we will have 3 options for you to pay for your PNWD membership: (membership must be paid before conference registration will be approved):

  1. You will be able to pay for your PNWD membership online now.

  2. You will be able to complete the Online Membership Registration form and pay at a later date. Simply select the “Paying Later” option and provide a date when funds will be available. We will follow up with you on the date you indicate. (this will delay your conference approval, but can still be used)

  3. You will be able to download a membership registration form in PDF or DOCX format, fill it out, and mail it in with your check.


2018 Conference: Vendors & Corporate Sponsors

If you wish to attend the 2018 conference as a vendor or become a sponsor, you will be able to complete the Online Vendor & Sponsorship Registration Form. You can also Contact Us for additional information.

2018 Conference Scholarship Opportunity

The PNWDIAI is offering a scholarship opportunity again for 2018. The scholarship program is intended for those needing financial assistance to attend the 2018 conference. The deadline to apply for the scholarship is March 31st, 2018. Additional information can be found in the scholarship application listed below.

2018 Conference Scholarship Application